Tours, Visitation Information and COVID-19 Updates

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Key Factors To Consider

At Alamitos West Health Care Center, we value all of our residents. In each case, we have created an environment that promotes resident satisfaction and happiness.

Here are some guidelines to help during your visit to a health and rehabilitation center:

  • Ensure the health and rehabilitation center offers all the personal and health services you currently need or that you are likely to need in the near future.
  • Inquire about nursing staff to resident ratio.
  • Pay attention to the overall design and appeal of the health and rehabilitation center, and see if it is well-kept and clean.
  • Ask to visit a resident room and enquire about admission availability.
  • Take note of the landscaping and interior décor. Are they warm and inviting?
  • Meals should be tasty, visually appealing and of the highest quality.
  • Access to dining should be convenient for the residents.
  • Ask about the flexibility of meal times and if they accommodate special dietary requests.
  • Is the dining staff friendly, happy, well-groomed and diligent, as well as eager to deliver exceptional service and care to the residents?
  • Talk with the residents and ask how long they have lived in the health and rehabilitation center. What are their impressions of the care and daily lifestyle?
  • Check the appearance and upkeep of the public restrooms. This is a good indication of overall attention to detail.
  • Ask to see the current monthly activity schedule. Attend an activity or two to get a sense of the experience.
  • Request the latest state survey report.