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Below are some testimonials from residents, patients and family members that have received rehabilitation services or made Alamitos West Health & Rehabilitation their home. We invite you to visit our community and take a tour!

To the wonderful staff and employees of Alamitos West Health & Rehabilitation,

The three daughters, Linda, Eileen and Vicki, of Carolyn would like to thank those of you who were involved with the care of our beloved mother. Your compassion and medical knowledge helped to ease our fears and concerns about our mother’s final months of life. Since there was constant communication regarding Mom’s daily routine, we felt a great sense of comfort, knowing that Mom was contented and comfortable.

There are some that we wish to name and express our gratitude to for their exceptional care of Mom. Mom first spent time at Station 1 and we are deeply grateful to all of you there during those initial, stressful days of Mom’s ten-month stay. We would also like to thank Justin, Social Services Director, Erika in the Business office, as well as Marilyn and Raymond in the Nursing Director’s office.

Second, Mom’s stay at Station 4 began a daily routine where we established deeper connections with many who were involved with her, up until to her final day. First and foremost we would like to name Blessy, who provided us with intimate details of Mom’s day-to-day life. For the two of us who were out of state, she provided a lifeline that made us feel closer to Mom in those final months. Her commitment and dedication to her profession was so evident; and to us her name says it all. We also appreciate the expert care that Joel, Carlos, Fauzia, James, Brenda, Ailaoa and Laarois gave to our mom as well. We didn’t have as much contact with all of you, but we know that it takes a good team, who works well together, to do the most effective job of caring for those who cannot do for themselves anymore. So we want all of you at Station 4 to know that we deeply appreciate the care you gave our mom on her final journey through her long and wonderful life.

Since appreciation is extended to Eileen in the beauty shop and her helpers who made Mom look and feel beautiful. Mom looked wonderful in all the pictures that were taken of her while at your facility.

We also thank the physical therapists, George and Mario, who kept Mom moving. Even with her physical complications, they pushed to keep her strong and provided necessary stimulation that added to the quality of her life.

We thank Charlene, the Activity Director, as well as Joanne and Christian for providing a variety of mentally stimulating activities for which Mom could fill her days.

We sincerely appreciate everyone to Alamitos West Health & Rehabilitation and the wonderful job that you all do in caring for loved ones that need your help. We feel at peace in knowing that our mom was contented and comfortable in her ten-month stay at your facility. Your exemplary hard work and dedication were evident and helped ease the pain and comfort us in the tragic loss of our beloved mother.


Linda, Eileen and Vicki

Daughters of Carolyn

I recently had the good fortune to meet you and to have a nice conversation with you.

It gave me an opportunity to tell you how pleased I am with living in Katella Senior Living Community.

One of the main reasons is the management team you have overseeing the operation. A good example is the way the support of the second floor residents was managed during the elevator down time. I live on the second floor, and I thought they did an outstanding job, Susan was here morning, noon, and night and personally operated the manual lift to make sure everything was perfect. Well done!

On another personal note, I would like to relate how nice things sometime happen. I was in Alamitos West Health & Rehabilitation recovering from pneumonia. I was in a wheelchair outside my room. My wife had died last November. It was probably the lowest time in my life. While I was watching a baseball game, a nice lady stopped to talk to me. She said her name was Mel. We talked about golf, the Dodgers, the Twins, and the Vikings for quite some time. I will never forget her and the conversation we had that evening. I am pleased that we still manage to keep in touch. And, if she happens to be here on a Saturday or Sunday, she invites me to attend Mass with her. I treasure being able to attend Mass in church with that very nice lady.

Thank you again for the opportunity to share this information with you.

Very truly yours,


Former Resident